15 June 2011

Line Upon Line

A musical genius named Lex de Azevedo wrote a song, part of "Saturdays' Warrior", with that title.  I cannot sing it to myself (I've memorized it) without tearing up at the astounding promise it unfolds.

As noted earlier ("ESTJ") I am a very linear person - I get uncomfortable if I can't see where I'm going.  I want the answers to everything now.  Patience is for the testosterone-challenged...

The first time I stepped beyond my linear comfort zone was to accept that being 85% convinced that the LDS Church was the Sendero Luminoso - the Shining Path was enough (I refuse to let the Peruvian Maoists usurp that name).  I took the Leap of Faith and became a Mormon.

I started getting help and guidance then... if you've read this far then you already know were that came from.  My life veered from its usual oscillatory character into an upward trajectory of consistent happiness and growing knowledge.  However, Mr. Linear wanted ALL the answers and wanted them ASAP.  To that end I took all the Institute classes offered at the University of Arizona - 10 semester classes - in two years, finally co-teaching one of them (on Science and Religion).

There were still things in the Bible and the Book of Mormon that I didn't understand, and likewise with the much-denser-content Pearl of Great Price... but with time I was able to walk and drive about 60% of the Lehite Trail, and everything checked to the tilde (see the oddly-named chapter on the Frankincense Trail, "How to deal with a corpse in 35 C weather").  I served as chief scientist for volcano hazards for the US Geological Survey, and 3 Ne 8 correlated precisely with a ~VEI 6 to 7 level volcano-tectonic subduction zone event.  The volcanic history of Central America, of course, wasn't available to anyone in 1828 (see "Volcanoes you could never know about").

With time I actually matured a bit (to the surprise of many).  I took the Federal Executive Institute management-bootcamp-on-steroids training and learned how to moderate my heat-seeking missile personality... over time I began to appreciate how wonderful it is to steadily gain new knowledge.  As a scientist I learn new things about geology, hydrology, biology, volcanology, cosmology, quantum mechanics, etc., every week, sometimes every day.  As an LDS Scientist, however, the growth is even richer, verging on the knee-shaking astounding.  The real character of the Urim & Thummin, the vast, multi-generational power and ultimate significance of the Family, a steadily-broadening understanding of the Atonement... have all been added unto me.  I also have help with my own research - I don't waste time following dead ends, because I have guidance that helps me avoid them.  That's astounding all by itself, even after I've become used to it.

The best news of all, however, is that the progression isn't slacking off: it's picking up speed.  Like the Dark Energy effect on the galaxies, my knowledge-universe expansion is actually accelerating with time.

Line upon line, precept on precept
That is how He lifts us
That is how He teaches his children
Line upon line, precept on precept
Like a summer shower
Giving us each hour His wisdom

If we are patient, we shall see
How the pieces fit together in harmony.
Then we'll know who we are in this Big Universe...


You need to go find that last part yourself.


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